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Welcome to the Schubert Lab

The Biointegrated Photonics laboratory of Jun.-Prof. Dr. Marcel Schubert is specialised in the development of microscopic lasers and biocompatible optical devices for biomedical applications. The lab is part of the Humboldt Centre for Nano and Biophotonics which was established at the Institute of Physical Chemistry in 2020. The centre provides access to state-of-the-art optics labs, a new-built cleanroom, as well as in-house cell culture and nanofabrication facilities. Our main research activities include:

  • Development of novel micro and nanolasers
  • Bioresponsive optical sensors
  • Integration of microlasers into biological systems
  • Improving biocompatibility of nanoscopic sensors
  • Exploring novel optical phenomena for sensing applications

The interdisciplinary research of the lab benefits from the high-profile biomedical research environment established at the University of Cologne, including the “Cluster of Excellence - Cellular Stress Responses in Aging-Associated Diseases” (CECAD), and the Center for Molecular Medicine Cologne (CMMC), as well as the material science-focussed “Cluster of Excellence - Quantum Matter and Materials” (QM2).

We are proud to be an open-minded, international group of researchers and we welcome everyone independend of their origin, sexual orientation, skin colour, or religious believes. We provide a supportive and tolerant work environment where talent can thrive and where ideas grow into real world applications. If you want to become part of the lab please contact Marcel Schubert directly or look out for open postions on this site.


Our research is funded by: